Aqua Park in Baile Herculane, from 2012

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The city hall of Baile Herculane (south-western Romania) promote the building project of an Aqua Park, the works being scheduled to begin in 2012, vice mayor Ionut Lalescu told Agerpres.

The investment value stands at approximately 8 million euros, an amount supplied from the funds of the Regional Development and Tourism Ministry (MDRT).

‘On a 7,000 square metre area we shall arrange a SPA centre, where indoor and outdoor thermal water and sulphur basins, Turkish baths and many entertainment and accommodation areas, dry and wet saunas, will be put at the tourists’ disposal,’ Lalescu pointed out.

Baile Herculane resort is one of the oldest balneary resorts in the world, having an over 1848-year-old documentary evidence. The resort is integrated in the Valea Cernei-Domogled national Park and has an extremely picturesque position. Its location on a 160 metre altitude, on the same parallel as Nice and Venice confers a pleasant climate, with Mediterranean influences.

The documentary evidence of the resort dates back to 153 AD, that is in the period of the Roman civilization in Dacia. In that period, Baile Herculane was a significant attraction focus to the aristocracy of ancient Rome. Impressed with the outstanding healing power of the thermal waters in the area, the Romans who came to Dacia devoted it a true balneary cult under the tutelary sign of Hercules.

There are many vestiges remaining from the Romans’ time: aqueducts, baths, statues, coins, votive plates built as signs of gratitude brought to gods for healing.

After 1718 (the Peace of Passarovitz) the modern and contemporary history of Baile Herculane began, within the Austrian Empire. In 1852, Austria’s Emperor, Franz Joseph though of Baile Herculane as being the mist beautiful resort on the continent and Empress Elizabeth (Sissi) wrote in her journal that Baile Herculane were a distinct and delightful presence.

The two-millennium continuous existence of Baile Herculane resort was favoured by the miraculous efficacy of the thermal springs, but also by the picturesque location of the resort in a valley sheltered by mountains of a special beauty. The rich palette of treatment methods, from the classic balneary cure to various physiotherapy and electrotherapy methods, massages, acupuncture, etc conferred this resort a high degree of attractiveness for tourists in the past decades. AGERPRES

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