Talks between President Traian Basescu and political parties on European agreement on fiscal governance

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The parliamentary political parties are expected on Wednesday at Cotroceni Palace for talks with President Traian Basescu regarding the implementation in Romania of the items of the European agreement on fiscal governance the European leaders approved at the end of last week during the winter meeting of the European Council in Brussels.

President Basescu sent a letter to the chairmen of all political parties and organisations represented in the Parliament of Romania on December 2, inviting them at Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday at 3 pm.

PDL leader Emil Boc said on Monday at the end of the meeting of their standing bureau of the democratic-liberals that Romania signing the European agreement of fiscal governance and observing the criteria imposed by this agreement provides the guarantee that our country will join the euro area in 2015. He also said on Monday night that if the ruling coalition will get to an understanding with the opposition to support the idea of changing the Constitution at least on the “tough core of items,” namely a structural deficit of 0.5 percent of the GDP, a maximum public debt of 60 percent of the GDP and a single-chamber Parliament with 300 MPs, then they will hold the referendum so as the population should approve to change the fundamental law in April 2012, after signing the European intergovernmental agreement.

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party Victor Ponta told Agerpres that the social democrats reject the irresponsible approach of Traian Basescu and reassert that the modification of the Constitution must be performed only by a new Parliament made legitimate by elections.

During a press conference held on Sunday, the joint chairman of the Social Liberal Union (USL, an alliance made up of the three opposition parties, PSD, PNL and PC) stressed that it is absolutely necessary that Romania should stay connected to the measures decided within the European Council in Brussels and “USL will take responsibility for these measures” because they are “open to dialogue and have a concrete anti-crisis programme.”

On the other hand, the three USL leaders, Victor Ponta, Crin Antonescu (PNL) and Dan Constantin (PC) requested to President Traian Basescu on Monday in an open letter that the meeting on Wednesday with the opposition representatives should be held separately from the meeting with the representatives of the ruling coalition, so as to have a serious discussion, responsible and effective.

As regards chairman of the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR, minority in ruling coalition) Cristian Diaconescu, he said on Saturday in Brasov that the financial discipline will become a constitutional law and voiced his regret that opposition declines any dialogue on this matter.

Chairman of the Democratic Hungarian Union of Romania (UDMR, minority in ruling coalition) Kelemen Hunor told Agerpres on Friday that the party he leads will take part in the talks the president of Romania will be holding around the agreement on fiscal governance of the European Union. AGERPRES

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