Signing and observing EU fiscal governance agreement gives Romania guarantee of Eurozone 2015 entry

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The signing of the EU fiscal governance agreement and observing the criteria imposed in this agreement gives the guarantee that Romania will join the Euro Zone in 2015, Prime Minister Emil Boc and also chairman of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, major at rule) said at the end of PDL’s National Standing Bureau (BPN).

‘The observance of the criteria within the inter-governmental agreement on fiscal governance means the guarantee that Romania will join the Euro Zone in 2015. The observance of these requirements assures us Romania will enter the eurozone in 2015,’ Emil Boc said.

At the same time, the Prime Minister stressed that ‘Romania has undertaken since 2010 the measures the European Union is asking today the eurozone-member states and the countries wanting to adhere to the inter-governmental agreement on fiscal governance.’

Emil Boc said Romania will record a 4.4 percent deficit of the GDP in 2011, has a budget draft law with 1.9 percent deficit for 2012 and moves toward a zero deficit in 2013.

‘That is exactly what the European Union demands its member states, to have balanced budgets, if possible exceeding budgets, but not to exceed 0.5 percent structural deficit and not to register an excessive deficit, namely over 3 percent,’ the Romanian prime minister pointed out.

The PDL Chairman underscored the fact that Romania aimed and aims to meet exactly these objectives, following the agreement sealed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Commission, adding that the level of public debt will amount to 33 percent of GDP at end-2011, sharply below the maximum cap of 60 percent of GDP agreed by the EU.

In addition, Emil Boc said Romania has always called for a united Europe and not for a multi-speed Europe.AGERPRES

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